sold by Pastificio di Chiavenna

€ 2.04

€ 4.08 / kg

sold by Del Curto

€ 8.50

€ 17.00 / kg

sold by Pastificio di Chiavenna

€ 1.45

€ 1.45 / kg

sold by Pastificio di Chiavenna

€ 1.59

€ 4.54 / kg

sold by Pastificio di Chiavenna

€ 2.19

€ 2.19 / kg

sold by Schenatti

€ 15.55

€ 31.10 / l

sold by Giardini di Ravello

€ 12.90

€ 25.80 / l

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    We share a great passion for good Italian tastes and flavours.
    And what better way of sharing this passion than via “the fabulous world of the Internet”?
    Lovetaly is an eCommerce portal designed to become a key player in Italy’s wine and food market and attract to it all those operating in the sector and simple enthusiasts, offering an all-round experience.
    The real protagonists are Quality Products, difficult to find via traditional channels, and which connect Sellers, Buyers and Consumers.
    There are a number of sales channels, with special focus on the correct communication of the three values on which Lovetaly bases its activity: quality, tradition, innovation, within a social context in which the figure of the consumer, by sharing information and comments, plays an important role next to that of our expert “selectors”.
    Most of our producers operate in their own territory of origin.
    With Lovetaly’s support, these producers of genuine goods have the opportunity to gain more of a foothold in domestic and overseas markets and make use of new sales channels.We look after everything, producers need just a computer, and an Internet connection, in order to view orders, prepare parcels and then let Lovetaly deliver the goods.
    Just a click is needed to become an ambassador of flavour in Italy and overseas!
    For us at Lovetaly good Italian food is within everyone’s reach!

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    Durum wheat pasta - Tagliatelle all'Uovo (egg pasta), Pasta Panarese from Lovetaly Tagliatelle all'Uovo (egg pasta)
    Pasta buonissima, di sicuro il mio pastificio preferito!


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